Tribute to the late Chris Morley from Tony Hall

Firstly, I’d like to pass on my sympathies to Karen, Chris’ partner, for her sad loss, and I feel I must write a tribute to Chris for his contribution to traditional music in the East. Chris, to my mind, was an unsung hero of the above, for various reasons. Going back in time - and I’m a bit vague about dates - and mainly in the late ‘60s, I was a regular at the King’s Head folk club in Islington, a wonderful trad. club run by Rod and Danny Stradling. This club was a magnet for folkies, and it was there I met Chris and his then wife Jenny.

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On-Line Folk Concerts and Virtual Sessions

Due to the on-going Corona virus situation,  a huge number of Folk Concerts and Festivals have unfortunately had to be cancelled resulting in a huge loss of income for musicians and performers. Many are finding innovative ways of taking their music on-line. Some of these are ticketed, some are free and some invite donations.


**  A new table in Whats On Special Events now lists online Events  **  All future online events will be listed there **


Here are some of them:-

Doug Eunson and Sarah Matthews Duo Friday 29th May

Kitchen Ceilidh with Caller Martyn Harvey Hosted by Folk Weekend Oxford. Details HERE


Miranda Sykes Saturday 23rd May

FaceBook live Concert details HERE


Jackie Oates Friday 22nd May 8.00pm

Hosted by Downend Folk Club. Details HERE


Richard Digance Sunday 17th May 8pm

Richard Digance Sunday Funday Concert live show on his Facebook page  HERE  Free (donations invited for local charity)

Royal Albert Hall: Sunday 10th May 7.30pm

Legendary British singer-songwriter Richard Thompson will deliver an exclusive set from his home as part of the Royal Albert Home sessions.

Free broadcast, details HERE. Donations invited to support the Royal Albert Hall


The Waveney Valley Folk Collective 

See their FaceBook page HERE for Lockdown sessions.

Thursday 7th May 8.15pm with Ralph Barnett, Elsi, Bernie Baines, Daniel Nestlerode


Folk Off The Pier:  8th May 14.30 to 10th May 21.30

The Folk Off The Pier Fringe Festival. A weekends worth of live watch parties. videos & links of musicians past , present and future.

See their FaceBook page HERE for details


The CCC Festival: Sat 9th - Sun 10th May

Blair Dunlop * Calan-ish * Dan Walsh * David Delarre * Edgelarks * Edwina Hayes * Ellie Gowers * Findlay Napier *  Graham MacKenzie * Harry Endersby * Honey & The Bear * Jamie Francis * The Jellyman's Daughter * Jenn Butterworth * Jon Doran * Josh Wunderlich * Josie Duncan * Katherine Priddy * Katie MacFarlane & Pablo Lafuente * Lucas Drinkwater * Luka Jackson * Maz O'Connor * Minnie Birch * Paul McKenna

Watch live on FaceBook (@ciaranalgarmusic) or YouTube (search Ciaran Algar) 

Tickets / Donations to Eventbrite HERE  - All proceeds split between the Artists


An Evening with Faustus: Friday 15th May 20.00 - 21.30pm

Join Benji, Paul and Saul live from ther homes, hosted by Jon Wilks. Live performances from each band member, interviews, chat, audience Q & A and more. The event will be accessible for all via the Good Honest Music FaceBook page. See their page HERE. 


Folk on Foot Front Room Festival  - Easter Bank Holiday Monday 13th April from 2pm for over six hours of unique music. 
Donations welcomed

"Half the money we raise will go to the charity Help Musicians UK – which supports  musicians undergoing financial hardship – and the other half will be divided equally between the artists who take part in the Festival. Music is hugely important in lifting our spirits and salving our souls in these troubling
times, so please make a donation to support the talented people who make it."

Folks at Home 

25 Acts - 100 musicians
27 hours of film footage plus market stalls, guitar workshop, merchandise and interviews
The gates are now open in case you haven't yet checked in
Buy your ticket now for just £25 and it's all there for you. Watch as many times as you like.
Enjoy our music and keep safe and well


Folk Weekend Oxford 17th-19th April

Ticketed events via Zoom (priced much less than a normal concert)
Free events via Facebook
Virtual sessions


John Spiers is doing "Isolation Pub Sessions" in his shed


Simon Care - Simon Care's Musical Jukebox.

"I've had a lot of people messaging asking where they can donate etc ... I am incredibly touched by your offers of generosity. I have decided that i am going to try to do 2 live shows a week on Sunday and Wednesday evenings at 6.30 -7.30pm, and I am going to introduce a tip jar for those kind souls that wish to donate. However, as i have already stated, luckily i am in a fortunate position financially at the moment, so at the end of each month I will donate what ever I collect to someone less fortunate than myself. I will continue this for as long as possible, or until i become that less fortunate person. I hope that is ok. See you on wednesday night. Please keep sending your requests of Morris/English ceilidh tunes. Stay safe."

Keep an eye on his FaceBook page HERE  Donations can be made HERE 


Please keep an eye on Mardles Facebook page as some Artistes are putting details of virtual events direct on there

If you can manage it, please consider buying a CD direct from your favourite artistes website. This will help to support them through this difficult time. Buying direct results in more going to the artiste as streaming websites pay a very small amount per play. 


Finally, If you know of any virtual events that could be listed here, please send details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Dave Cooper 1939 – 2020

Received from Peter Twitchett

The passing of Dave Cooper marked the end of an era in the world of Folk Music, I first knew him in 1967 when he was running the “Phoebus Awakes” Folk Club in Catford, South London.  There are many stories, some of which he shared himself, that can be told about Dave.  He travelled the world in his early days, ran radio stations and encouraged folk music wherever he found it from the Albert Hall to the village pub. Below is a YouTubeof Dave singing at the Steamboat Folk Festival 2011



I wrote this song for him as a birthday present on a notable birthday.  It says it all really!


As I was a-walking down Thetford one day,
I spied young Dave Cooper all on the highway.
He said, “Come to a folk club.” I said, “Righty-Ho!”
And off to the Brewers we boldly did go.

     Sing it here, sing it there
     Of his love of folk music we’ve all had a share!

In South London, in Catford, I’ll tell you the truth,
In his folk club the choruses lifted the roof.
He booked world famous guests, but you all know the tale.
So over Paul Simon we’ll draw a quiet veil.

Then in fair Nottinghamshire Dave ran a new club.
It was a success for the olde worlde pub,
Though the floor was a little insecure, so it’s said;
And you mustn’t sit under the old moose’s head!

The tales of his cars are varied and true.
It would take far too long to recount them to you!
But we all remember the one we like best!
Don’t borrow his car if you’re passing your test!

In his youth our brave hero he travelled the world.
His love of folk music to all he’d unfurl.
From East Europe and Italy tales he can tell
And stories from other strange places as well.

And now in East Anglia his songs they ring out.
From Cromer to Colchester and all round about.
With the sessions, the radio and Gallery Quire,
This is the Dave Cooper we love and admire!

     Sing it here, sing it there
    Of his love of folk music we’ve all had a share!

Set to the tune of Vilikins & his Dinah     





Stringfillies at The Acoustic Lounge



StringFillies featuresXenia Horne (harp, vocals), Hattie Bennett (cello, vocals) and Emily Bennett (fiddle, vocals) who will present a fully acoustic and intimate evening of tunes and songs

The trio formally launched at Folk East in 2015, although they have played together for many years in theatre productions and for different concerts. Their love of traditional music making brought them together in this new format.

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About Suffolk Folk


Suffolk Folk was initially a branch member of the English Folk and Song Society (EFDSS) which was founded by Cecil Sharp in 1911. The earliest reference found to the Suffolk District Branch, as it was known at the time, appears in the EFDSS handbook dated February 1941 although there can be no doubt that folk dance in Suffolk was thriving for many years before that. There is mention of the Norfolk and Norwich District in an earlier edition – March 1937 – but it could well be that Suffolk was an active member at that time and the Secretary had simply failed to send in a report. Further research is needed if anybody wants to dive deeper than the level required for this simple homage to Suffolk Folk.

The 1941 edition of the handbook records seven centres in Suffolk ranging from Exning to Woodbridge and it is clear that there was a lot happening at club level. The actual name ‘Suffolk Folk’  came about in 1995 when ‘districts’ were abolished by EFDSS and so Suffolk Folk became an independent organisation with its own constitution and the stated aims of publishing the magazine entitled Mardles and of organising an annual folk dance – the Playford Ball.

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