Received from Peter Twitchett

The passing of Dave Cooper marked the end of an era in the world of Folk Music, I first knew him in 1967 when he was running the “Phoebus Awakes” Folk Club in Catford, South London.  There are many stories, some of which he shared himself, that can be told about Dave.  He travelled the world in his early days, ran radio stations and encouraged folk music wherever he found it from the Albert Hall to the village pub. Below is a YouTubeof Dave singing at the Steamboat Folk Festival 2011



I wrote this song for him as a birthday present on a notable birthday.  It says it all really!


As I was a-walking down Thetford one day,
I spied young Dave Cooper all on the highway.
He said, “Come to a folk club.” I said, “Righty-Ho!”
And off to the Brewers we boldly did go.

     Sing it here, sing it there
     Of his love of folk music we’ve all had a share!

In South London, in Catford, I’ll tell you the truth,
In his folk club the choruses lifted the roof.
He booked world famous guests, but you all know the tale.
So over Paul Simon we’ll draw a quiet veil.

Then in fair Nottinghamshire Dave ran a new club.
It was a success for the olde worlde pub,
Though the floor was a little insecure, so it’s said;
And you mustn’t sit under the old moose’s head!

The tales of his cars are varied and true.
It would take far too long to recount them to you!
But we all remember the one we like best!
Don’t borrow his car if you’re passing your test!

In his youth our brave hero he travelled the world.
His love of folk music to all he’d unfurl.
From East Europe and Italy tales he can tell
And stories from other strange places as well.

And now in East Anglia his songs they ring out.
From Cromer to Colchester and all round about.
With the sessions, the radio and Gallery Quire,
This is the Dave Cooper we love and admire!

     Sing it here, sing it there
    Of his love of folk music we’ve all had a share!

Set to the tune of Vilikins & his Dinah