Mile Twelve

Award winning US Bluegrass band to appear at the Seagull Theatre in Pakefield, Suffolk on Thursday 21st March at 8.00 p.m

The exceptionally talented young band Mile Twelve is fast gaining recognition for outstanding performances in bluegrass and folk circles in the USA.

photo by Kelly Davidson

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Penny Mack

On a sadder note, I am sure that many of your readers will be sorry to hear that a stalwart of the local music scene, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Penny Mack passed away on 31st January.

photo Lucy Hart

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Earache - 2019 January

All Saints, Runhall

In our last issue we had intended to award our annual My Lady of Autumn prize for the first person (apart from serial offenders) to break cover with a rendering of this Dave Webber song. Surprisingly, but fittingly since she is the best singer of this song around here, June Thaine claimed the prize. In her defence for singing it in late August she explained it had been a request. The Church? All Saints Runhall in late autumn sunshine.

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The Robbie Callas Cup February 2019

Written by Dave Bartlett

Robbie Callas Cup February 2019 at The Oakes Barn Bury St. Edmunds

Our fifth Robbie Callas Cup Folk Singing Competition– and still as popular as ever. There were the usual last minute contacts confirming that people were going to be there and this was the title of their chosen song (the songs should be traditional or in that style). In the end two people couldn’t come and one, unfortunately, wasn’t up to singing – well… it is the season for dodgy throats, coughs and splutters but the show went on regardless and we hope they have now fully recovered. We had fifteen entrants this year.

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