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Due to the on-going Corona virus situation,  a huge number of Folk Concerts and Festivals have unfortunately had to be cancelled or postponed which includes most of the Events listed below in the Events Diary. Some events are still listed on the relevant Venue website eg The Apex, but this is under constant review so please check websites for current information.

Socially distanced Events

Some events are starting up again eg the Canopy Theatre events. These will take place with social distancing & are noted as 'socially distant concert' in the listing. Tickets will be very limited and only available online to meet the Govt's "Test & Trace" requirements. 

Online events via FaceBook, YouTube & Zoom

Many artistes & folk organisers are finding innovative ways of taking their music on-line for virtual Folk Festivals, Front Room Concerts and Sessions. 

A new table has been added below listing online events.

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