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Due to the on-going Corona virus situation,  a huge number of Folk Concerts and Festivals have unfortunately had to be cancelled or postponed which includes many of the Events listed below, particularly for April - July. Some events beyond those dates have also been cancelled.    

Some artistes are finding innovative ways of taking their music on-line for virtual Folk Festivals, Front Room Concerts and Sessions. 

A new table has been added below listing online events.



Online Events

Due to the on-going Corona virus situation,  a huge number of Folk Concerts and Festivals have unfortunately had to be cancelled resulting in a huge loss of income for musicians and performers. Many are finding innovative ways of taking their music on-line. Some of these events are ticketed, some are free and some invite donations.

If you know of any online events that could be listed here, please send details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Please keep an eye on Mardles Facebook page as some Artistes are putting details of online events direct on there.

See below for Online Events and Online Events Diary

Folks at Home 

25 Acts - 100 musicians
27 hours of film footage plus market stalls, guitar workshop, merchandise and interviews
The gates are now open in case you haven't yet checked in
Buy your ticket now for just £25 and it's all there for you. Watch as many times as you like for one year.
Enjoy our music and keep safe and well

Simon Care - Simon Care's Musical Jukebox.

"I've had a lot of people messaging asking where they can donate etc ... I am incredibly touched by your offers of generosity. I have decided that i am going to try to do 2 live shows a week on Sunday and Wednesday evenings at 6.30 -7.30pm, and I am going to introduce a tip jar for those kind souls that wish to donate. However, as i have already stated, luckily I am in a fortunate position financially at the moment, so at the end of each month I will donate what ever I collect to someone less fortunate than myself. I will continue this for as long as possible, or until i become that less fortunate person. I hope that is ok. See you on wednesday night. Please keep sending your requests of Morris/English ceilidh tunes. Stay safe."

Keep an eye on his FaceBook page HERE  Donations can be made HERE 

John Spiers is doing "Isolation Pub Sessions" in his shed.

See John's YouTube page HERE


Diary of Online Events

Sun 17  May Live show on Richard's Facebook page, Details HERE   Free (donations invited for local charity  Richard Digance Sunday Funday Concert
Tues 19      
 Thurs 21  May   Live Lockdown Session from 8.15pm. Details HERE  Waveney Folk Collective
Fri 22  May  Hosted by Downend Folk Club Details HERE 8pm  Jackie Oates
Fri 22 May  Live Zoom Concert Hosted by Folk Weekend Oxford. 8-9.15pm details HERE  Martin Simpson
Fri 22 May  Chippenham Virtual Folk Festival See FaceBook page HERE Free YouTube Playlist available for a year HERE  
Sat 23  May   FaceBook live Concert details HERE 7.30pm  Miranda Sykes
Sat 23 May  Cambridge Acoustic Nights FaceBook Live 8.30-9.30pm. See HERE for details  Open Stage featuring Bernard Hoskin with support guests
Sun 24 May   Live Zoom Concert Hosted by Folk Weekend Oxford. 7.30-9pm details HERE  Hannah James & Friends
Sun 24 May  Sunday Night Lockdown FaceBook Live HERE 7.30pm  Honey and The Bear with Kelly Bayfield
Mon  25 May  Folk On Foot Front Room Festival 2 Details on FaceBook page HERE   See FaceBook page for lineup
Tues 26      
Weds 27 May  Live FaceBook Concert 7.30pm. Free. Tip Jar HERE  GreenMatthews: Lockdown Live
Thurs 28 May  Norwich Slow Tune Session Online via Zoom 7.30pm. More information and music to download See website HERE. FaceBook page HERE

 Zoom link
meeting ID: 721 1240 6536
password: ofxaRS

Fri 29 May Kitchen Ceilidh. Hosted by Folk Weekend Oxford. Details HERE 7.30-10pm  Doug Eunson & Sarah Matthews with Caller Martyn Harvey
Fri 29 May  Hosted by Downend Folk Club. 8-9pm Details HERE  Edgelarks - Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin
Sat 30  May  Live Zoom Concert Hosted by Folk Weekend Oxford. 7.30-8.15pm details HERE  Vasen - Live from Sweden
 Sun  31 May  Harwich Shanty Festival Quiz Details HERE Closing date Sunday 31st May Email answers to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Harwich Shanty Festival 2020 Quiz
 Fri  5  June  Live Zoom Concert Hosted by Folk Weekend Oxford. 8.00-9.15pm details HERE  Vicky Swan & Jonny Dyer
Tues   23  June  Live Zoom Concert Hosted by Folk Weekend Oxford. 8.00-9.45pm details HERE  Nancy Kerr & James Fagan


For those who enjoy a good sing, Steven Taberner (leader Spooky Men) is running his Massive Singlet every week. In fact there are four Singlets. The Massive Singlet is 11am UK time on Tuesday mornings, the Massive Singlet kid's edition is 10am UK time Thursday mornings, the Massive Singlet ukelele edition is 12noon UK time on thursdays & the Massive Black Singlet is 8am UK time Sundays. Occasionally, there is also a Spooky Massive Singlet on Saturday nights. All are free (donation invited) & take place via Zoom. See Massive for details and booking. See also the Massive Singlet FaceBook page  (Just don't expect folk music!!)


If you can manage it, please consider buying a CD direct from your favourite artistes website. This will help to support them through this difficult time. Buying direct results in more going to the artiste as streaming websites pay a very small amount per play. 


Many of the Events below are likely to be cancelled. 



September 2020

 Tues  1  St Neots Folk Club  Open Stage
 Sat 5  The Sweffling White Horse  The Silburys
 Tues  8  St Neots Folk Club  Jez Lowe
 Mon  12

 Canopy Theatre, Hungate Church, Beccles
Details & tickets HERE

 Phil Beer
Tues 15  St Neots Folk Club  Maria Dunn
Wed 16  Ely Folk Club  Sherburn, Bartley, Sanders +support tba
 Sat  19  East Anglian Traditional Music Trust  September Song in Stowmarket - daytime workshops
     East Anglian Traditional Music Trust @ The John Peel Centre  September Song in Stowmarket  - evening concert
Tues  22  St Neots Folk Club  Jay Turner
Fri  25  Stapleford Granary  Rura
Tues  29  St Neots Folk Club  Round the Room



October 2020

 Tues  6  St Neots Folk Club  Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman
 Thur-Sat  8-11  Harwich Shanty Festival details tba  Harwich Shanty Festival
 Tues  13  St Neots Folk Club  Antoine & Owena
 Wed  14  Ely Folk Club  Gilmore & Roberts
Tues 20  St Neots Folk Club  Daoiri Farrell
Fri 23 Stapleford Granary  Fara
Tues 27  St Neots Folk Club  Round the Room
 Thur  29  Wingfield Barns  Andy Cutting


November 2020 

  3  St Neots Folk Club  Open Stage
  10  St Neots Folk Club  Carrivick Sisters
  17  St Neots Folk Club  Alden, Patterson & Dashwood
Wed 18  Ely Folk Club  Steve Tilston
 Sat 21  Norwich Assembly House 7.30-11.00pm  Norwich Historical Dance: Norwich Playford Ball
Tues  24   St Neots Folk Club  Round the Room



December 2020

Tues   1  St Neots Folk Club  Belshazzar's Feast
Wed 16  Ely Folk Club  John Ward Trio + Andy Wall, Ruth Bramley & Ann Biggs
Tues 22  St Neots Folk Club  Club Christmas Party
Wed  23   The Apex, Bury St Edmunds  An Albion Christmas 2020
Tues 29  St Neots Folk Club  Club closed


February 2021

Fri  19  The Apex, Bury St Edmunds  Fairport Convention




March 2021

Sun 28  East Anglian Traditional Music Trust  Pressing The Buttons Workshops



September 2021 

Sat  4 East Anglian Traditional Music Trust Traditional Music Day  - Stowmarket



Suffolk Folk

Norfolk Folk Association