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 Programme and Family Stories In Elmswell Library

We are delighted to announce that our 2019 programme is now finalised! The 3-day festival takes place from the 14th to the 16th of June and showcases the best of storytelling from throughout the region and beyond. Special Guest storytellers this year include Liz Weir MBE, Taffy Thomas MBE, Baden Prince, Hugh Lupton, Sef Townsend, Paul Jackson and, and local amateur and professional storytellers from Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex.

 In the run up to the festival, storytellers from the area will be working in partnership with Elmswell Library to provide free special family storytelling sessions. The hour long sessions are on June 1st and 8th at 13:30. The library will be specially opened for the sessions. There is also an adult session at the Fox Pub, Elmswell on the 13th June at 7:30


The East Anglian Storytelling Festival is holding its 5th annual festival in Elmswell this summer. The festival has something for everyone whether they be lifelong fans of storytelling or completely new to this wonderful art form.

Our aim is bring oral storytelling to a wider audience. Our time is given for free to meet that aim and to organise the festival – we are all volunteers. Some of us tell stories professionally, some as amateurs, some of us run our own storytelling clubs, and some of us simply love to experience the joy, depth and passion of oral storytelling. Oral Storytellers tell their tales from the heart, they do not read, nor tell verbatim, each telling of a story differs from the last one. Many stories are traditional, though some are forged directly from the imagination of the teller. All reach deeply into our own experiences, our deepest fears, our hopes, joys and sorrows.

In our ‘Story Rounds’, anyone has the chance to share a story, be they adults, children, professional or amateur.

Our Festival is free during the daytime on Saturday and up to 14:00 on Sunday, and focusses mainly (but not exclusively) on tales for children. We have a session designed for children to tell their own tales, with the mentorship of an experienced children’s storyteller. On Father’s Day – 16th June, we have a session especially for telling tales to Dads – children can tell their own tales, or ask a storyteller to tell tales for him. We have seen shy children blossom into creativity and confidence in these sessions! All of our top tellers have sessions or are conducting sessions during the day as well as headlining the evenings.

Friday and Saturday Evenings, and Sunday from 1400 are paying sessions and feature our top regional tellers, (many of whom are also full time professionals) and our headliners – see following list.

Veronica Chambers, Chair of the East Anglian Fabulation, said:

“We are delighted to be holding the festival in Elmswell, the local community and Parish council are enthusiastic and an absolute pleasure to work with. Working with Elmswell library to bring storytelling to families is fantastic. Storytelling encourages creativity and curiosity – it’s fun and it makes children think. Once a child has sat breathless in wonder, we think they and their families will want to seek out storytelling again and again”.

Gerry Donlon, Programming Committee Member (Suffolk) said:

“The library was wonderfully receptive to our suggestion that they work with us host these sessions. The library understood the power of stories, and the potential for oral stories to change a child’s attitude and bring wonder and interest to their imaginations. We at the Fabulation are excited to be bringing our marvellous tales to families – and we hope they might even try it themselves”.

The full line-up will be announced shortly on www.eastanglianstorytellingfestival.co.uk


Tickets are available from the 1st March at https://www.ticketgun.com/events/east-anglian-storytelling-festival-1

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Festival Location:    The Blackbourne Community Centre

                                      71 Blackbourne  Road, Elmswell            

                                      Suffolk IG30 9GY

Festival Dates:         Fri 14th June to Sun 16th June

Main Contact:           Veronica Chambers

Tel:                               07967 606 056

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